Personal effectiveness training
Methodus d.o.o.
Negotiation skills
Duration: 2 days
Requirement: Assertiveness training
Goal: Master specific activities for preparing and conducting successful negotiations
Topics / content:
  • Negotiation preparations: what information to gather and why
  • Setting its own goal and BATNA
  • Defining positions
  • Distinguishing positions and interests in negotiations
  • Recognizing its own and others needs and interests
  • Hard, soft and lead-by-principle position in negotiation (win-win, win-lose, lose-lose)
  • Defining its own position and strategy in negotiations
  • Estimating the most probable counter-party position and strategy
  • Defining starting point and space for negotiations
  • Ways of negotiation (performance)
  • Different positions and performing in negotiations
  • Assertive, aggressive and passive negotiation
  • How to recognize needs of others by recognizing its own needs
  • How to let others speak and how to make others listen non-aggressively
  • How to express disagreement
  • How to express disagreement
  • Non-verbal in negotiations
  • Limiting beliefs in negotiations