Personal effectiveness training
Methodus d.o.o.
Facilitation (moderation) skills
Duration: 2 days
Goal: Learning group moderation and facilitation skills
Topics / content:
  • How to set facilitation goals
  • Facilitation skills: what do participants need
  • Understanding the facilitator’s/moderator’s role
  • Questions to look for in advance
  • Opening facilitation discussion
  • Using the questions (questions for gathering information, for directing to participants attitudes and values, for closing the discussion)
  • “Navigational” and “weaving” skills
  • Participation balancing
  • Managing disagreement and conflict during discussion
  • Typical obstructive behavior in group: how to facilitate with persons with obstructive behavior
  • facilitation situations based on its purpose: specific facilitation context attributes
  • - facilitation for needs assessment
    - facilitation for meetings/agreements at work
    - facilitation for group decision making processes
    - moderating focus groups
    - facilitating the learning process
  • Useful advice for facilitators