Methodus d.o.o.
Osnovne prodajne vještine
Duration: 2 days
Goal: Mastering 8 basic sales steps

This training is for sales personnel involved with sales through direct communication with buyers, users, clients and any kind of customers.

1st Step: Preparing for sale
  • Preparation elements (knowing the product the and customer, self-knowing)

2nd Step: Making the contact
  • Attracting and keeping client attention in phone conversation
  • Negotiating the meeting
  • Psychology of good impression
  • Making the harmonious relationship – rapport
  • Non-verbal communication in direct sales

3rd Step: Opening the conversation
  • Techniques for opening the sales conversation

4th Step: Needs assessment (client/user)
  • Persons needs – motivation models
  • Making the influence model – the role of listening
  • Types of not-listening
  • Active listening
  • Using questions in sales – open and closed questions

5th Step: Making the offer
  • Offering using clients words
  • Packing the product within customers needs

6th Step: Argumenting objections and excuses
  • Difference between objection and excuse
  • Objection as a sign of purchase
  • Training counter-argumenting: how to make objections work for you

7th Step: Closing the sales
  • Techniques for closing sales

8th Step: Care for the client
  • Making emotional connection with the client
  • Staying in good memory
  • Importance of relationship for clients loyalty

Methodus d.o.o.
Methodus d.o.o.
Advanced sales skills
Duration: 2 days
Goal: Mastering advanced sales skills

Advanced models for making influence
  • Successful approach to negotiations
  • Methods of negotiation in sales
  • Advanced strategies in handling objections and excuses
  • Positive interpretation – reframing
  • Advanced techniques for closing sales

Controlling critical situations
  • Working with difficult clients
  • Solving conflicts

Personal sales management
  • Making sales plan – systematic sales plans
  • Monthly, weekly and daily planning
  • Time management matrix – urgent & important, efficient & effective
  • Time stealers
  • Methods for dealing with stress

Being proactive and motivated in sales
  • Being proactive and reactive
  • Psychological factors in successful sales
  • Intrinsic motivation in sales – “inside-out” sales
  • Motivation and ambitiousness – setting S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Power of believing – beliefs of successful communicator
  • Psychological barriers for success in sales
  • Self-image and self-confidence in sales
  • Controlling emotions – developing sales enthusiasm
  • Top sellers psychology
  • Personal vision of successful sales career

Methodus d.o.o.