Increasing team efficiency

Methodus d.o.o.
Duration: 3-15 days, depending on the objectives of training

Goal: to increase effectiveness of one project or structural line
  • Improving the team spirit and strengthening interpersonal relationships
  • Integrating new members to the existing team or work unit
  • Solving the obvious and/or latent conflicts in the group
  • Agreeing on changes in goals or way of working
  • Group decision-making process

Topics / content:

a) Introductory activities

b) Activities for getting to know each other:
  • Improving the level of openness and mutual acceptance among members

c) Activities for building team cooperation:
  • Learning about interpersonal differences and the importance of each individual contribution
  • Initiating cooperation among members in changing circumstances
  • Expressing the needs and expectations that members have towards group leader
  • Understanding the importance of trust
  • Understanding the meaning of individual responsibility for personal and team work
  • Practicing adjustment to the changes in rules, condition and circumstances

d) Strategic planning activities
  • Clarifying the vision and team values
  • Agreeing on organizational structure
  • Clarifying and agreeing on personal responsibilities, roles and tasks
  • Agreeing on horizontal and vertical communication
  • Agreeing on how to operate when the tem leader is not present in crisis situation
  • Defining success indicators
  • Defining time frame for testing the changes/agreement

e) Closing activities
  • Reviewing what was learned („lessons learned“)
  • Reviewing what was agreed upon