Train The Trainer

Program goals
The main goal of the program is to train your internal trainers (instructors) for transferring their expertise and skills on other colleagues, which includes efficient preparation, design, implementations and evaluation of training program. This method enables companies to highly motivate its employees that have high level of expertise providing them with an opportunity to develop themselves professionally and transferring the expertise , knowledge and skills throughout company at low cost.

Program specificity
Group should consist of no more then 10-14 attendants, to increase a chanse for all four learning styles to be represented. It is desirable that attendants have some expirience of what kind of learning methods people with different learning styles preffer.

Program structure
Program consists of several phases and each of the phases is equally important for success of the whole program.

Methodus d.o.o.
Phase 1 - Selection of candidates

Selection is used to find appropriate candidates for the instructor to ensure the success of the program. In addition to the professional expertise, successful candidates need to have appropriate traits and skills for internal trainers.
Methodus d.o.o.
Phase 2 - TTT trainings

Module 1: planning of training and presentation; presentation skills
Goal: planning the training and presentational skills

  • To acquire adult learning principles
  • Learn to think according to systematic training cycle
  • Acquiring needs assessment methods
  • Be able to define the purpose and goals of a learning program
  • Be able to define the scope of the program
  • Acquire efficient presentation skills

Module 2: training methodology
Goal: to acquire training methodology and development of training activities

  • To learn the basic training methods

  • To learn how to use methods according to learning objective
  • To learn how to use methods according to participants’ learning style
  • To get skilled in using different methods
  • To be able to adapt methodology according to the subject
  • To perform on his / her own

Module 3: facilitation; training design
Goal: facilitation basics and designing the training

  • To get know feedback principles
  • Acquiring facilitation skills
  • Being able to lead the debriefing cycle through its four phases
  • Designing own training module
  • Being able to design and implement relevant training evaluation
Methodus d.o.o.
Phase 3 - Preparations period

In this phase candidates prepare their own pilot trainings. The topics and the length of each training is agreed with the client.

Methodus consultant helps internal trainers to develop all necessary educational materials: training plan, manual for participants, handouts, presentation materials, activities, etc.
Candidates can consult with Methodus trainer through email and phone throughout this period.
Methodus consultant performs a check of each designed pilot trainings before they are conducted.

Methodus d.o.o.
Phase 4 - Implementation and follow-up

Methodus consultant will create and implement a monitoring and evaluation process for pilot trainings according to the criteria set by client.
In this phase, candidates implement pilot trainings and consultant gives them feedback, generates learning and prepares internal trainers for future independent training implementation.

Methodus d.o.o.