Personal effectiveness training
Methodus d.o.o.
Public speaking and presentation skills
Duration: 2 days
Goal: acquiring skills for public speaking and presenting (before the groups or individuals)
Topics / content:
  • Efficient presentation preparation: Methods for learning about participant needs and pre-training knowledge
  • How to define presentation purpose, goal and content
  • Kolb’s dimensions and learning styles
  • Presentation formatting according to learning styles
  • Techniques for motivating audience
  • Techniques for getting and keeping attention
  • “Chunking and sequencing”: how to organize material
  • What are “one-liners” and how they affect the audience
  • Laws of perception in visual presentations
  • When to offer and when to stop offering
  • Successful language patterns
  • Speaking the language of different audience
  • The trainer look and “hello-effect”
  • Non-verbal speech
  • Controlling our emotional state during presentation
  • When unexpected happens