Personal effectiveness training
Methodus d.o.o.
Managing conflicts with clients
Duration: 2 days
Goal: Acquiring skills for successful clients conflict management
Training is designed for sales personnel at sales locations where they face stressful situations on daily basis and are in contact with customers who might react heatedly.
The customers are in focus of company’s services and as such are always right; therefore all sales personnel need to reflect that attitude.
This means that even angry and frustrated customers have to receive professional service, and this training will help participants to develop their communication and active listening skills,
to understand the underlying causes of angry behavior and to train using different strategies through which angriness and frustrations can be diffused,
without further escalation.

Topics / content:
  • Recognizing conflict background
  • Conflict escalation levels
  • Our own conflict behavior and the way it affects us as mediators
  • Conflict solving styles
  • Appropriateness of conflict styles in different situations
  • Diffusing hostility
  • Verbal defense techniques