Personal effectiveness training
Methodus d.o.o.
Decision making and problem solving
Duration: 2 days
Requirement: completed Efficient communication and Conducting effective meetings
Goal: To develop and optimize the individual and team decision making process
Topics / content:
  • Insight into own decision making and problem solving strategy
  • Steps prior to decision making: what makes us confident about decision
  • Decision types: autocrat decisions, consulting decisions, group and delegate decisions
  • Choosing decision principles based on: desired decision quality, desired team commitment and time availability
  • How to set decision making criteria
  • Differences between people in decision making strategies: cognitive processes in decision making
  • How to recognize the way colleges make decisions
  • Kako ubrzati proces donoĊĦenja odluka kod suradnika i kod klijenata
  • Eye movements and decision making strategies
  • How to speed up decision making process with colleges and clients
  • Creative procedures for problem solving and making alternatives
  • Techniques for creative problem solving