Leadership development program

Leadership development programs are implemented according to your needs, We design them according to you competencies model and company values. Such training program usually last between one and two years and consist of a series of training modules (4-6) that reflect competencies (usually 1-2 competencies per module). Participants are formed into «closed» groups and attend workshops every 2-4 months.
So called «closed» group promotes exchange of experiences and facilitates learning, while the modular approach encourages application of learned skills and knowledge on everyday work situations.

Methodus has conducted more than 60 comprehensive modular leadership development programs so far.

The following is the detailed description of one designed modular program.

Methodus d.o.o. Managing time, change and stress
Duration: 3 days
Goal: adopt basic time management principles, understanding the psychology of change


Time management and prioritizing
  • Basic time management skills
  • Principles of efficient time management
  • Personal roles and priorities
  • Model urgent-important; analyzing personal actions within the model and defining the areas for improvement
  • Model Model efficient-effective; analyzing personal actions within the model and defining the areas for improvement
  • Recognizing 'time thiefs' and learning how to eliminate them
  • How to reject time stealers imposed by others
  • Delegating in context of time management
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Principles or planing; daily and weekly plans

Managing stress
  • Causes and symptoms of stress
  • Short and long-term stress reduction techniques
  • Stress management techniques (categories)
  • Burn-out: symptoms, causes, phases, prevention and intervention

Change management
  • Creating the deep change
  • Urgency and change
  • Obstacles to transformation (fear, beliefs and prejudices)
  • Support for the change (assessments, measurement, coaching in the change context)
  • Change and entrepreneurship (21st Century leaders)