Leadership development program

Leadership development programs are implemented according to your needs, We design them according to you competencies model and company values. Such training program usually last between one and two years and consist of a series of training modules (4-6) that reflect competencies (usually 1-2 competencies per module). Participants are formed into «closed» groups and attend workshops every 2-4 months.
So called «closed» group promotes exchange of experiences and facilitates learning, while the modular approach encourages application of learned skills and knowledge on everyday work situations.

Methodus has conducted more than 60 comprehensive modular leadership development programs so far.

The following is the detailed description of one designed modular program.

Methodus d.o.o. Motivating individuals and team
Duration: 2 days
Goal: Understanding basic motivational tools and principles, master motivational tools available to manager


Applying the principles of motivational psychology within organization
  • Contemporary motivational models
  • Motivational tools
  • Motivation and values
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Effect of awards on intrinsic motivation
  • Punishment and motivation
  • Practical guidelines for motivating teams

Commitment and engagement
  • What are they and how to develop them

Individual differences and motivation (meta-programs)
  • Recognizing collocutors meta-program
  • Mathcing collocutors meta-program